THE DIGITAL TRANSITION: Get ready… here it comes!!!

READY OR NOT…Here it comes!!!

This is the day before the formerly designated day of the transition of high power broadcast stations from both analog and digital to digital only. Although I know there has been an extension of the transition date to June, still most of the stations in our area (Naples-Fort Myers,FL DMA) are shutting off their analog broadcasts permanently tomorrow, Feb 17th, 2009.

There will be a minimal effect on people in our area because many have already prepared for the change by purchasing their D2AC (digital to analog converters) or are already receiving their locals via Cable or Satellite.

Let there be no fear or confusion, this is a good thing but will not, and has not, come about without quite a bit of misunderstanding and confusion. Don’t be fearful of this day, it will pretty much take place without much notice except by the news media (especially the locals) and the people that will be affected by the analog shut off and just don’t know it yet.

I will be sharing some thoughts with you over the next week or so about what I call “The Good , the Bad and the Ugly of the Digital Transition.” I do think you will find this three part article interesting and informative even though it is a little after the fact (at least, for our area) it is still useful and relevant info.

By the way, this that you are reading is the beginnings of the Norman TV newsletter.  I call it  “The NTV View”. As time progresses, it will be a great place for information on many things concerning what’s going on in TV and Satellite, (we’ll let the cable guys inform you about their stuff), and about equipment in both of those areas. I think you will want to visit us often and probably even sign up to receive it on a regular basis. (STAY TUNED FOR ALL OF THAT ,coming soon!)

For today, just know that tomorrow will be the first of my three part article on “THE DIGITAL TRANSITION: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly…”

See ya, right here, next time…


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