The Final Countdown: Only 5 More Days to the Digital Transistion Completion

The Digital Transition is closer than you think and if you haven’t made plans for completing your transition, now is a good time to “git ‘r done”. (Sorry, I couldn’t help but quote Larry the Cable Guy.) Probably the most asked question I’ve had concerning the transition is whether or not some should buy a new TV for the digital transition.

I am a firm believer in not buying something you don’t yet need. I base most of my decision on the quality of your picture on your existing analog Tv.

If your Tv still has a good picture then I suggest you just invest in the converter box.

If your Tv has a poor or marginal picture quality, I suggest you go ahead and invest in a new one with full digital reception capabilities. That way you’re not buying something you won’t need for long (the converter box) because the new TV will take care of the picture quality and the digital channel reception.