The Final Countdown: Only 8 More Days to the Digital Transistion Completion

The time is NOW if you haven’t taken care of your transition from analog to digital Tv reception. If you receive your local broadcast signals (ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, etc) and you are not getting all of the channels you think you should in your area, Norman Tv wants you to be ready for June 12, 2009. Over the next 8 days tune in to the NTV View, right here at Check out all of our information on the Digital transition right here. Got questions?? Leave a comment…

If you use “rabbit ears” (a set top antenna) you may find that reception of the Digital Channels is difficult at best. It is possible that you can get most or all of the available digital channels, but it is more likely that one or two may be missing; Or, you may find you have to adjust your antenna for almost every channel.

Don’t worry about it being something you did or that you have a problem with your TV or converter box — It just means that “rabbit ears” are not going to wokr well for you. You may want to consider an outdoor antenna, or at least one in the attic (if that is possible for you). I won’t go into the details at the moment but you may find some interesting info in one of these articles from Norman Tv: