The Latest Most Asked Question to the NTV View Concerns Lamps (Light Bulbs) for DLP TVs

Although there are others that come close, probably the most asked question we get lately is people asking about lamps for their DLP television sets. At Norman Tv we do not stock any lamps. We think least expensive place to purchase those lamps is from the internet.

We don’t stock any bulbs (lamps) for DLP Tvs at all and for good reason. There are too many possibilities. We do have some friends locally that do stock a few of them but not many.

** Just remember…just because your bulb (lamp) has blown does not mean it is the only thing wrong or that replacing it will guarantee your Tv will work. There are several things that can be wrong to cause the bulb (lamp) to blow and quite often it is not because it was ready to blow. IT IS POSSIBLE YOU MAY NEED A QUALIFIED TECHNICIAN TO MAKE THE PROPER REPAIR FOR YOUR SET.

A close second to the Lamps is whether or not they should spend the money to fix their old TV or just junk it an buy new. There is no good and fast answer. If you have a Tv problem, you need to decide whether it is time to move on to the new technology or repair your old. ONLY YOU CAN MAKE THAT DECISION.

The best way to shop for a new Tv is to compare the picture quality on Tvs. That is usually accomplished at a place that has a lot of Tvs on display with the same pictures on most or all of them. I suggest you also compare pictures with lots of fast movement across the screen. This will show you how well the Tv handles fast movements. If you see pixelling or traces following the moving object, look for another Tv with a better processor. Believe me, you won’t regret spending a little more for the improved picture quality. It is worth it.

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