They’re At It Again But It Happens All The Time

There’s a continuing Broadcaster/Provider battle over pricing – but who really loses in the end?

First of All, This is MY Opinion:

I want to say that right up front so there are no misunderstandings and make it clear I am not in the attack mode. This is an article based on this writer’s opinion, and that opinion is based on personal experience over several years in dealing with these situations personally and in business. Though I subscribe to Dish Network as my TV service provider, I do not presently sell Dish Network services and I am not directly associated with them in any way. I do admit though, I like them as a company and have for many years and for many reasons. 

Also, this particular situation does not affect me in any way since I learned long ago, having an antenna was to my advantage rather than having to depend on a middle man to provide my locals. As long as the broadcast stations are live, on the air and broadcasting at a normal power range, I have access to their signals no matter what the weather is like or what the relationship between them and the Satellite or Cable providers may be.

Now back to the matter at hand.

If you are a Dish Network customer in the Fort Myers/Naples DMA, you’ve probably noticed you’re missing your local CBS affiliated station, WINK TV. If you’re wondering why, they explain it very well where you would normally go to watch WINK Channel 11 CBS on your Dish Network satellite receiver. They do present some pretty thorough and factual information and you really should take the time to take it in. If you’re not on Dish, read on because you will likely be affected by the same thing sometime in the future.

I haven’t checked to see if anyone else is being affected by this situation with WINK (and probably other CBS affiliates across the Nation) but, I can tell you this: It really is nothing new!

Actually, (whether concerning Cable or Satellite companies) if the TV provider’s contract comes up for renewal at a time when the broadcasters know they will have more leverage, this is the ploy they use to make it inconvenient for the customers of either the satellite or cable companies. You see, it doesn’t really matter whether it is the CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX affiliates or others. They would rather blame the providers and inconvenience the customers until their demands are met or the leverage of the popular programming goes away. In this case, it happens to be more about the NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl they are using as leverage although other programming is affected, also.

It happens quite often and it really doesn’t matter which network affiliate it is, they all do it when the opportunity arrives. The problem is, the customers suffer the most and they are the ones being inconvenienced while the broadcasters use them as leverage to try and gain a better bottom line.

Honestly, it is rather tiring to see this happen almost every year, if not every year, and to see my customers deal with this situation much too often. It has become a regular happening and is being expanded in its use by the broadcasters to inconvenience customers of whichever TV provider they are leveraging for more funds. Of course the blame can be somewhat placed on both sides but the broadcasters are the ones demanding higher than normal fees for the providers to continue with what they call the privilege to carry their programming. Meanwhile they suggest the consumers should change to a different provider that is willing to pay the higher access fees. Unfortunately, and this is particularly my own opinion, If they do move to another provider, that provider may be the next one they use the customer to leverage a higher fee from.

Sounds like a vicious circle, doesn’t it?

This sounds like a vicious circle, doesn’t it? Well… it is but it doesn’t have to stay this way. There is something you can do about it whether it is contacting the broadcasters, providers or politicians and offering your opinion and suggestions. Remember… the broadcast signals are available with no monthly fees if you have an antenna and can reliably receive the Over-The-Air signals without having to go through the continuing grab for more of your hard earned money.

Oh, and just an afterthought… well… I think maybe I should save that for next time…

See ya next time…
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