Considering Cutting The Cord?

If you’ve been considering Cutting The Cord, (removing yourself from your present programing provider like, Cable, Satellite or some other provider), then my book is a must to help you make the right decision without regrets. It is full of great information and will give you answers to your unanswered questions and will also give you answers to those things you may not have even considered or knew you should… I do firmly believe you will find this book a good resource in helping you understand what needs to be considered by all that are considering Cutting The Cord and some of these things should be considered BEFORE you Cut the Cord.

Rusty Norman

Hello good friend… My name is Rusty Norman, owner of Norman TV and Video Systems. I’ve recently released my book “So… You Just Want To Watch Television?” and it is available in paper back or Kindle (or both) at I think you will find it has a lot of great information to help you know if cutting the cord is something that will really work for you. Just follow this link and check it out… Thanks in Advance!! if you do…