NTV Advantage

It’s Our Vantage

IMG_1163What is the NTV Advantage? Well, one of the definitions of “Vantage” is, “a position, condition or place affording some advantage or commanding view.” I like to think of it as “a commanding perspective.” The reason I choose to use that as my definition of the word is because that is exactly what I want to accomplish —  I want to give YOU a commanding perspective of the technology you own and use.

To do that I must give you good information to work with and that is my purpose here, “to give you a commanding perspective by giving you information that will help you view your situation from increased understanding of the equipment you now own or think you might want to own.

If you take this information to the inevitable conclusion, I believe you will find yourself able to take advantage of your enhanced understanding and be able to take advantage of an opportunity for your own personal gain in one way or another. (Well… at least as far as using it to better understand more about your equipment and how to use it.)